The twitter account started tweeting when Whimsy Rodgers was released. It has been giving Goujultation sessions, and started posting cryptic messages and hiding clues in its tweets.

On the 28th September 2017, it tweeted out a series of messages with the hashtag #GoujonUprising pointing to and clues for putting together the password to access it.

The tweets with the clues started here:

The answers were: : hairandpoo (recursive base64 decoding) : cxz (letters from the Spanish alphabet) : pj (Pauline is stated by Game Over, a 1993 non-fiction book by David Sheff, to be named after Polly James) : 23692255 (from POKE 23692,255 commonly used to stop the "scroll?" prompt on Spectrums) : obey (revealed by converting the hex to ascii, then using the ascii representation of first four characters as hex to xor the hex values of the next two, then decoding the result to ascii. Repeat for the second half) : infest (anagram of finest)

These were put together in order of decreasing length to give hairandpoo23692255infestobeycxzpj

This revealed a video of a Russian man in what appears to be Goujon John's suit, reciting what sounds like the very first Goujon John clip, and then saying something about the vortex.

The video is mirrored here:

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